Another La Fon Question

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29-07-2008 11:35:11

I hacked the firmware a long time ago for the la fon wireless router.

I have a linksys router on my modem. Can I just plug the fon into my desktop and use it as a wireless card??


29-07-2008 12:26:20

You can use it as a bridge yeah. I was never able to get it to work though, but I always figured that was b/c of my WPA.


04-08-2008 14:05:57

Just wanted to say I got the la fon router working as a client to my linksys last night, I have my linksys upstairs and my la fon to the xbox 360 downstairs and get full signal!

It wasn't the easiest thing to do but if u find the right guide, it's not to bad.

I hacked the firmware to dd-wrt when I first got the thing and then let it collect dust until now, i'm happy )

I looked at bestbuy the other day and their selling the same little device for about 100 bucks!!


04-08-2008 19:21:09

What guide did you use?