Macbook battery troubles

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17-07-2008 20:17:48

So I just bought a new macbook battery for my 13" macbook, and it worked perfectly!... for a few days. Now It'll charge up to about 24% and then just stop. I can leave it plugged in for long after that, and it'll stay at 24%. When I unplug it, it starts using the battery from 24 on down. I don't know what happened or how to fix this problem. Any suggestions?


17-07-2008 20:19:39

Call Apple.


18-07-2008 02:33:55

I haven't had the best luck with calling them or emailing them in the past, so I was wondering if anyone here maybe had this problem before and could help.


18-07-2008 10:41:39

try draining your battery all the way down and let your computer die.

Then plug it in and then reboot and see if that will help at all.


18-07-2008 21:00:53

Did you buy this used, refurbished, or from a third party?