Been a LOOOOONG While.

Live forum:


10-07-2008 09:16:19

Hey guys its been a while but im back and more ready then ever. I am curious though what happened to my trade posts? I am looking for them trying to remember what sites I was on now im completely lost. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! My forum posts links are no longer working or exsist. Any help would be great!


10-07-2008 09:48:31

They are gone because the site had a little spring cleaning done to it so that it could make way for some new features/threads as well as run smoother.


10-07-2008 10:44:03

The trading forum is now split into Cash and Referral sub-forums. Your old threads were probably archived in the process, and may have been purged by now.


10-07-2008 11:47:23

Ugg great. that sucks. my bad though