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09-07-2008 13:18:15

So I wanted to change out a hard drive in my desktop. I have done it before and it was no problem. I just connected the cables the same and it all worked out. I got my new one today and I noticed that they don't connect the same...???? The one on the left is my old one. The one on the right is the one I am trying to replace it with. Is this even going to be possible?

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09-07-2008 13:28:14

The new drive is a SATA drive. If you don't have a SATA controller, you need a PATA drive (also goes by the semi-misnomer of IDE drive).

SATA is current technology, PATA is old school. If your PC was built within the last few years, it should be SATA-capable. If returning the drive is an issue, you can buy add-on PCI SATA controller cards for $20 or less.


09-07-2008 13:28:46

There are two main types of hard drive interfaces PATA (IDE) and SATA. Most new computers support both types, but older ones may only support PATA. SATA is newer and faster (with some SATA connections capable of 3 Gbps throughput also your hard drive will never even come close to that).

The drive on the left (with a lot of spaced out pins) is PATA and the drive on the right is SATA. I'm going to assume that your old one is PATA. You need to check whether there is a SATA plug on your motherboard (if your old one is SATA, your motherboard will almost certainly have an IDE bus).

The new drive should have come with appropriate cables, but if not you may need to pick some up. If the drive is incompatble, I think they might have converters, but they're a waste of money/space and you'd be much better off just getting a compatible drive.

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09-07-2008 13:29:31

can I get something like that at best buy?


09-07-2008 13:32:33



09-07-2008 13:49:30

I've used PATA drive to SATA controller converters before, they worked fine. I haven't gone the other way, though. That was a common approach back when SATA drives were new and expensive, and people like me had a large stock of PATA drives to use in newer machines. Now I have probably a 50/50 mix and never plan to buy another PATA drive. My current gaming rig is 100% SATA, even the DVD burner. I only use PATA drives in my secondary machines, and only when I don't have a spare SATA drive handy.

First I'd try to confirm if your mobo support SATA, and if not, try to exchange the drive. Failing that, look into either upgrading your computer or going the cheap route and buying a PCI SATA card. Another approach might be to keep your PATA drive as your primary boot drive, and buy an inexpensive external USB enclosure for the new SATA drive to use for external storage.


09-07-2008 14:05:28

Well I can't return it because there was a no return policy unless it is defective. So... I think maybe the external option would be the best seeing as how I don't know squat about the guts of a computer. Thanks for all you help.


09-07-2008 18:47:06

This is justification for buying a new mobo/chip. Succumb.....


09-07-2008 20:14:13

yeah two different drives you got there, heh. If you don't want to spend a lot of money just get that controller and it will take care of you.


09-07-2008 20:43:22

[quote9358664b97="JennyWren"]This is justification for buying a new mobo/chip. Succumb.....[/quote9358664b97]
Not for a new hard drive...lol.


09-07-2008 21:11:30

Shine a flashlight on your mobo and see if you have ports that look like these (those connectors with L-shape inside)
http/" alt=""/img55.imageshack.us/img="55/2202/asussataxd9.jpg[" alt=""/img7a68c58a2b]

Those are SATA ports.


09-07-2008 23:41:31

The ports are usually red, I think.

TFOAF, I can justify getting out the old screwdriver and random parts box to build a new system ANYDAY. Hey look, I bought the wrong colour of LED fan, hum, guess I need some new ram, while I'm at it, maybe a new video card, what the heck, NEW SYSTEM! Whee!

And this is why I have a room full of computers, and an annoyed boyfriend.


10-07-2008 06:03:57

[quote1468add7cf="TFOAF"][quote1468add7cf="JennyWren"]This is justification for buying a new mobo/chip. Succumb.....[/quote1468add7cf]
Not for a new hard drive...lol.[/quote1468add7cf]

Ask your neighbor to be sure, lol


16-07-2008 18:12:20

So I got the HD case. I have it all hooked up to a USB. Windows located the driver and installed it. When I check my hardware out, it sees to be recognized, just says not initialized. No biggie right??? except, I can't locate the drive through my computer. It has not been assigned a letter or anything. I can't find it anywhere. Suggestions?


16-07-2008 20:42:10

You need to format the drive. Right click on 'My Computer', click manage. Storage > Disk management. Right click on the drive (the new one) and click format. A quick format is fine in almost all cases,


17-07-2008 03:40:08

ok it says it's unallocated. It doesn't give me the option to initialize it.


17-07-2008 03:53:32

I think I got it... I'll see.


18-07-2008 13:55:42

Awwwww, Twon is learning...


22-07-2008 06:46:16

Is there any issue with it over heating and starting a fire? It's kind of warm. I turn it off when not in use because I am paranoid.


22-07-2008 06:48:38

I noticed when I first had my external hard drive, it would get really hot, but I kept it running. It doesn't run nearly as hot now.


22-07-2008 08:02:28

Hard drives get very hot, it's normal, but any cooling you can provide will likely lengthen the life of the drive. I tend to stay away from plastic enclosures that don't have a fan, preferring aluminum enclosures or those with active cooling. Some, like the Western Digital MyBooks, will turn themselves on/off when the computer starts/shuts down, but only with the USB and maybe Firewire connections, not with eSATA unfortunately.


22-07-2008 08:07:22

I forgot to mention my enclosure is aluminum, I bought one off NewEgg and recommend using them for anything computer-related.


22-07-2008 08:10:42

My neighbor said his hard drive runs hot too, lol