Can someone help me get screwed?

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04-07-2008 05:12:55

Now that I have your attention...

I did some repair work on my brother's laptop hinges and lost some screws for the screen bezel along the way. Does anyone know where I can get a dozen (less or more, doesnt matter) Dell Inspiron screws online? There are only two different types of screws so it ain't a big deal for me to differentiate, I just don't know where to buy them.



05-07-2008 19:38:34

you could email a seller on eBay and see if they'll send you some.


12-07-2008 21:01:39

i have contacted the dell email support before, they may be able to direct you to where you could get some.... however as for particulars, ebay i would assume is your best bet. Also maybe check a hardware store. may be wierd, but the often have hundreds of kinds of screws... .youurl==http://=http:///url may also want to look for broken laptops on ebay, often they sell broken ones for parts.