Need Urgent Help with Vista , NOT ANYMORE FIXED!!!!

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28-06-2008 07:20:17

I installed the Beta SP1 months ago, and now it says my computer license will expire in 3 days, and that I should back up all my data. My vista ultimate copy is legit, so I don't know what the hell is going on. I googled it, and it says uninstall sp1. Easily said than done. I get an error midway through uninstallation. I cannot find the system restore point where it was installed either. Damn Beta software. I'm never installing anything beta. Someone please help.

EDIT Dmorris you would be proud lol. I deleted some system files in the system folder that I thought could be problematic then I ran a repair using a windows vista dvd that has sp1 on it. )


28-06-2008 09:51:08

Did you not update to the release of SP1? It's been out for months now. I ran the betas and RC's too, and updated to the released SP1 without a problem.

Worst case, you have to reinstall Vista. But I would try installing the release SP1 first.


28-06-2008 10:09:50

It will not let me install it over the Beta version. That was the problem to begin with. There has to be someway to get rid of the Beta version.


28-06-2008 14:40:00

Well, if the SP1 uninstaller failed, you're probably left in a partial SP1 state and the only fix is to reinstall Vista. Have you tried Google?

Was this a beta or a RC version? Because I don't recall the beta versions being open to the public, so if you installed a leaked beta on an important machine, that's not very wise. If you're really talking about the release candidate versions, then they were pretty stable. In fact RC2 was the final released version. Truth is people have trouble with Microsoft Service Packs all the time, even release versions. That said, betas are for people who understand the risks involved in running any pre-release software.


28-06-2008 14:57:56

I can't remember if it was the RC version or not. All I remember is it was running fine for months. There has to be a way to remove it. During uninstall mid-way through I get an error saying not all components were uninstalled successfully.


28-06-2008 15:10:28

Windows is still activated because I checked some settings. So, I am not quite sure what will happen Monday.