hardwiring your ipod

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11-06-2008 17:03:38

I have never taken a stereo out of a vehicle (or put a new one in). Can an iPod be hard wired to any stereo?


12-06-2008 15:39:09

I think you need a stereo with an AUX input in the back or one that allows a CD changer to be attached, and even then I believe that you still need to use the iPod to navigate through play lists and what not.

If you are looking for a stereo that can control the iPod I have an Alpine and it works pretty well.

Not sure if that helps......hopefully it did


12-06-2008 17:26:25

If your stereo has a CD Changer control (that isn't being used) then you can probably get an iPod interface like I have. The USA Spec interface I bought connects to the back of the factory stereo, and you CAN control the iPod through the factory stereo controls (not full menu access, but next/prev track and playlist selection). Mine also comes with aux connectors that allow me to connect my XM receiver as well.


Most newer stereos have an AUX port which is just a line input. Some have AUX RCA jacks on the back, for that you could just use a cable with 3.5mm phono plug on one end to stereo RCA plugs on the other.

The benefit of a true iPod interface vs an AUX jack is not only being able to use your stereo controls, but the interface cable also charges your iPod. So no more lighter plug adapters.


12-06-2008 17:29:19

So basically I need to pull my stereo and see if it has inputs?


12-06-2008 17:30:38

owner's manual? i would check there first or online before you go pulling stereo's out


12-06-2008 17:31:38

Would it talk about the radio in the owners manual?


12-06-2008 17:38:21

I would think so......never looked before


12-06-2008 17:43:55

If it's a factory stereo, look it up at Crutchfield. It should be able to tell you what you have. BTW I can't recommend Crutchfield highly enough for this sort of thing -- their prices may not always be the best, but you can't find a better level of lifetime customer service and support anywhere.

And if you aren't a customer yet, contact me for a referral code -- I think you and I both get a $20 credit on our next order.

[quoted3de05135b="Twon"]Would it talk about the radio in the owners manual?[/quoted3de05135b]
If it's a factory radio, doubtful. Most vehicle owners manuals cover the operation of the stereo, not the inputs behind it. You might be able to deduce it supports an external changer, for example if it lists it as optional, but you won't get full stereo specs usually. Again, Crutchfield would be able to tell you anything you need to know about the options available for your car and/or factory stereo.


12-06-2008 18:01:53

Thanks dmo. I was hoping I would be able to do it cheaply. I guess I would have to buy a new receiver... Not interested in spending money on that. I gues I am stuck with the FM transmitter. Oh well.