eee PC / Mini-note discussion

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11-06-2008 04:11:59

I'm thinking about picking one of these up this summer, and would like to get everyone's thoughts on them (that means you DMO).

I know the major con to them is the small amount of storage space, due to it being solid state. This wouldn't be a major issue, as I will mainly use it for web-based stuff such as surfing and gmail. I plan on using a thumbdrive loaded up with the suite from PortableApps, and will probably look at an online document hosting solution.

Anyone have any experience with them? I know the Asus EEE PC is hard to find in stock anywhere right now. That's fine, because I want to wait until Dell's version comes out later this summer. The review I read dubbed it as the "EEE PC Killer", so I'm curious to see how it performs.


11-06-2008 07:31:19

Sorry, no firsthand experience from me. I've read a lot of intriguing articles about it, and love the idea of it being Linux-based, but for my tastes it just doesn't fit for me. It falls into that no-man's-land of being too big to carry around constantly, but too little and underpowered for serious work. So I prefer to carry around a smartphone (soon to be a 3G iPhone) for when I'm ultra mobile, but try to always have my laptop nearby for any "real" work. In fact the Toshiba Satellite I bought last year was too small and underpowered for me, which is why I bought this massive 17" VAIO in December. I guess I prefer the extremes of mobile tech portability, not so much that middle ground. )


11-06-2008 07:36:33

Yeah, I'm thinking the money may be better spent on a really nice smart phone or iPhone... but I just hate the idea of paying more to get a data plan. I'm cheap P


11-06-2008 10:11:30

I bought my dad a black eee pc for Christmas and have used it a fair amount - It really is a great little machine. Storage really hasn't been an issue for him because he just uses it for word processing and the internet.

There are some cool mods out there for it, but the only thing he did was wipe off the linux based OS and put on XP. The orginal OS was cool but more like a novelty - XP runs like a champ.


30-12-2008 03:18:11


I've noticed that Asus has a few nice 10" models out now, especially this one http//

Has great reviews, and the battery time seems great too. I've talked myself into and back out of getting a netbook several times, but it's getting awfully hard.


30-12-2008 18:15:57

It really depends on your needs. For some reason, I am really into high-tech phones (iPhone, HTC Touch Pro, etc.), but it is hard to justify it for me because I am never regularly in a situation where I am without access to a desktop or laptop. Same thing for a netbook, I am never confined in space or need better mobility with the utilities of a laptop.

With that rant over, the Asus netbooks look really cool, and I've never heard any negative reviews about them.