DirecTV Subtitles

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10-06-2008 08:32:44

How the hell do you get them?

I've been trying for months to get subtitles on shows and movies but can't figure it out. There's also nothing in the pile of papers that came with it and I found nothing online.


10-06-2008 08:37:09

I hope you figure it out because I can't stand to watch flicks without subtitles


10-06-2008 11:21:51

I haven't had DirecTV for a couple years now but all of our receivers had CC, including our DirecTivo Series II DVR's. It was pretty clearly shown in the options, but they've got new receiver models out since then. You've looked around in your receiver's options? I has to be there somewhere -- I'm not sure if it's a law or not, but I don't think I've seen any cable/sat tuner without CC in the past decade. I'd be very surprised if it wasn't there.