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09-06-2008 06:22:35

So the harddrive I stored all my music on died and I can't get it back ( I have my iPod with all the music on it but how do I rip music from the iPod to my harddrive?


09-06-2008 06:25:10

A quick Google search shows 2,720,000 results[=http//www.google.com/search?q=rip+music+off+of+ipod&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozillaen-USofficial&client=firefox-a]A quick Google search shows 2,720,000 results

C'mon Wolfe, I expected better from you wink


09-06-2008 06:26:06

Yeah a lot of the articles are from 2004-05 and aren't that helpful. I'm looking for some tips if anyone has done it recently...


09-06-2008 06:27:32

I remember using a Winamp plugin a couple years ago, I think this is it



09-06-2008 08:16:51

[quoted68ed94f89="tylerc"]I remember using a Winamp plugin a couple years ago, I think this is it

They have built in similar features to winamp since then so I don't know if you need to get that. I've used ml_ipod but never tried the winamp plugin though.

I think at least the first method here would work

This is probably easier (free unrestricted trial)