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03-06-2008 16:06:58

Okay, so my friend is trying to do this...but I also did this

I set up the Xbox 360's media extender to my Vista laptop via ethernet, because there was too many problems when using some internet apps with WMC, with the xbox using wireless and my laptop using wireless. so i hooked up the ethernet cable to my laptop, and it uses my laptop's wireless to retrieve internet stuff. is it possible to connect to xbox via ethernet through the laptop's wireless? if so, how?


03-06-2008 18:00:50

There's a program called nat32....Did the same thing for me more or less.


04-06-2008 10:00:11

Is there a free alternative?

i tried enabling ICS, but it won't let me.

"An error occured while internet connection sharing was enabled."

The dependency service or group failed to start.

I made sure all the services required for the ICS service to run were enabled, and I tried enabling ICS, and it still won't work.




04-06-2008 13:29:18

Yeah...nat32 is freeware. Not a real pretty app but it works out alright.


04-06-2008 13:35:18

Which means he won't use it


04-06-2008 13:40:30

True enough.


04-06-2008 14:42:59

When I went to the website it looked like you had to pay for a basic license.


04-06-2008 15:54:13

[quoted29f7e0072="TFOAF"]When I went to the website it looked like you had to pay for a basic license.[/quoted29f7e0072]

Click This[=http//]Click This


04-06-2008 20:53:30

OIC. Thanks. )