Recursive resize with Mac OS X automator?

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02-06-2008 16:02:19

I'm using Automator on my Macbook Pro to resize some pictures, but I'd like to be able to resize a whole folder full of subfolders, I need to have three different size of a bunch of photos and I don't want to have to sort them into their respective subfolders three times. Does anyone know how to do a recursive resize task with automator?


02-06-2008 16:16:15




03-06-2008 10:14:19

I know nothing of Macs/OSX, but does Automator have a command-line or scriptable interface? Because if so, you could write a shell script or maybe even just run a find command with the -exec parameter.

If not then unless you're willing to use another resize tool that does what you want, you'd probably need a script that copies the images to a common folder, launches Automator to resize them all, then puts them back into their proper folder structure.