Any recommendations on a wireless router?

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31-05-2008 00:27:12

Doesn't need to be overly fancy or have N. I'll be using it in an apartment so range isn't even a major factor - just need it be reliable.


31-05-2008 07:43:56

just get a linksys wireless router with a 4 port switch built in


31-05-2008 08:54:14

I've got one NIB if your interested. It's pretty much this one http//

Shoot me an offer if you're interested.


31-05-2008 19:58:45

Be sure to put a network password on the wireless and what not. Because thats how I am getting internet access right now heh 8)


03-06-2008 12:03:42

I haven't had a problem with Linksys or DLink, DLink router I have has a one button "Add a PC on the side" Which is nice. Take the time to learn the Security software for what ever router you are to use!