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30-05-2008 18:49:21

I was trying to do offers to make up for the lengthy time it is taking for the offers I have already completed to credit.

I figured why not try E Bay Profit Monster? Can't hurt to see if they have anything new I can learn and branch out what I already do.

So I clicked on this offer.

It took me to the web profit monster website.

Upon reading the Terms Of Service this is what I found

The trial period commences from the time you sign up and lasts for 7 days.

Structure and Nature of Payment.
There is a $5 non-refundable processing fee for your trial.

An authorization for $94.00 will be automatically held by Web profit Monster and/or its subsidiary agents. This authorization you unreservedly agree to when you agree to participate in the trial offer.

If you unsubscribe within the trial period only the $5.00 processing fee will be charged to your account, the remaining authorization for the service will be automatically voided.

If you fail to unsubscribe within the trial period you will be automatically charged both the $5.00 processing fee and the monthly subscription fee of $14.83 billed six months in advance upfront.

This fee structure is a non-negotiable provision of this contract and your financial arrangements with Web profit Monster and its subsidiary financial agents.

See why it pays to read all terms of service, no matter what your agreeing to?[/size02cb9033f0]


30-05-2008 19:15:19

Basically what it's stating...is...you'll receive your $94 back if you are unhappy with their services and cancel their services before the trial period ends.

That's why you should read the Terms of Service of any website.


30-05-2008 20:32:17

Well yes, generally you should read something before you agree to it


30-05-2008 20:34:15

That is exactly right, But when you have living expenses you have to know that your agreeing to have $94 held for a week or two.

When it's pending you can't spend the money.[/size283532bbac]


30-05-2008 20:50:07

We all know about holds on credit card transactions. It's not a big deal....


30-05-2008 21:36:00

They do that so they know you have the funds to actually pay for such a service/product.


30-05-2008 22:25:34

if you don't like it, don't do the offer.


30-05-2008 23:34:20

Reading the terms and conditions should be second nature to anyone doing freebies.


31-05-2008 08:29:46

[quote45a43726c5="JennyWren"]Reading the terms and conditions should be second nature to anyone doing freebies.[/quote45a43726c5]


If you don't read the terms to every offer (and site) that you do, then you probably don't need to be doing freebies at all. And CC pre-authorizations are routine for a lot of these offers.


04-06-2008 19:25:27

Anyone making actual profit in this business pays attention to every detail of TOSs.

I bet that every trader has once let an offer slip past the trial (not on purpose, which I have several services I am keeping).