halp: photos there but not there (digital camera/sd card Q)

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14-04-2008 17:53:53

over the past week or so, I have taken a whole bunch of pictures with my canon S3 IS. I've looked at them on my computer several times (but never transferred any). I went outside to take some pictures today, and when I came back in, I tried looking at them on my computer... I could only see the four most recent pictures. it was like all the others disappeared. the same thing happens when I look at them with the camera, and I even tried putting the SD card in my ps3... only four pictures. it's a 1 GB card, and my computer still says 800+ MB are used.

why can't I see the others?(


14-04-2008 18:01:42

try this




may be able to help


14-04-2008 18:07:56

There are often folders created on SD cards. If you plug in the camera via USB, and browse to it from My Computer, you should be able to view the multiple folders. On my camera, they're called things like Canon100, Canon101 etc.


14-04-2008 18:23:30

that's how I was looking at them before. under 'removable storage' there is 'DCIM' and 'misc,' and there used to be 'canon100,' which showed those four pictures (and a bunch more before it got messed up), in the DCIM folder. now I've deleted those four, and there are no folders in 'DCIM.'


14-04-2008 19:36:26

Try showing "hidden" folders if you haven't done that already.


14-04-2008 22:41:45

Would you happen to have bought this SD card from a perhaps unreliable source (eBay, etc.)? Some fake cards spoof the actual size of the memory and might not write images correctly into memory, etc.


15-04-2008 04:49:29

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