Does this Motherboard Exsist???

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14-04-2008 13:00:23

My girl's Mobo crashed RAMLED is on. Its a Gigabyte mobo (GA-8I865GVMK) I replaced the Memory to find that nothing is different, can't get it to boot. So For the price and the ease I want a new mobo. No need to get a new systems when I have the following. After all its my g/f's all she does is facebook, myspace, video chat with cousin.

1.5gb DDR400 (PC3200) 2 sticks (1024,512)
P4 3.0ghz socket 478

I even have a ATI Radeon X300se PCI express 16 (for free) to put in.

The Problem is I'm digging for a mobo that may not exsist. Socket 478, DDR400, PCIe16. Any one know of one or even a good place to buy a mobo for a socket 478. I don't have to use GPU, but would like to try!


14-04-2008 13:27:17

Nope, the Intel 865GV chipset only supports AGP. And s478 mobos are getting harder to find new. I have a Biostar 865GV board in one of my secondary Linux boxes that I suspect is near failure. I checked with Newegg over the weekend to see what my replacement options were in s478 -- they have only TWO, both Biostars running VIA chipsets requiring DDR2 RAM. No thanks. Funny thing is I just checked again, and they're down to ONE.

eBay or another used outlet will be your best bet probably, unless it's from a smaller dealer. I tried searching most of the bigger online vendors I normally use, and most don't carry them at all.

Or you can do like I'm going to wind up doing, and buy a cheap AM2 board+Sempron CPU, or a cheap LGA775 Intel board (945 or something) with a Celeron. Plus DDR2. Looking at around $150 for that. Unfortunate, since you and I only need to replace a $50 mobo, but such is life in the technology fast lane...

If you do find another 865GV board, and your gf doesn't game or need any heavy graphics support, the mobo includes Intel onboard video which works fine. No need for a video card anyway for something like that.


14-04-2008 14:14:03

What brand mobo do you recommend


14-04-2008 14:26:06

I've always been an ASUS fan, so that's always my first choice. Next would probably come MSI or eVGA.

Biostar, ECS, and Jetway are the very cheap, budget boards. They often work well but can be spotty in the long-term reliability department. I just saw a VIA based ASUS LGA775 board for under $50, so I'd definitely go with something like that over a Biostar again.

I'm not a fan of Gigabyte at all, but lots of folks swear by 'em nonetheless.


15-04-2008 14:19:08

While it's far from top of the line, I'm thinking about this combo to both replace my bad board and to build a couple of cheap boxes

[list3653bd896c][li3653bd896c]ECS GF6100-M754 (V1.0) NVIDIA GeForce 6100
[li3653bd896c]Athlon 3200+ Socket 754 (HSF not included)
[li3653bd896c]Integrated NVIDIA 6100 Video
[li3653bd896c]512MB DDR400 MemoryCombo[/listu3653bd896c]
[b3653bd896c]$87 shipped - $20 MIR = $67 net[/b3653bd896c]

Not a bad build at all for a surfing/e-mail box or one of the small, specialized Linux appliances I'm always building and playing with.


01-05-2008 09:52:27

Well after ripping apart her PC giving it a good cleaning (girls never do that for a PC) putting everything back together, with a gentle touch the PC boots, it can get cranky sometimes, but for now its been running for weeks straight, I can restart, but am afraid to actually turn power off. Instead of 512mb she now has 1.5gb and it is rockin.