Time setting

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03-04-2008 14:32:43

Not sure where to post this. But to make the time on my pc match with this site, which gmt setting should I choose? I'm confused with the hours that are next to them, eg. gmt + 6 hours, + 8 hours, ect.

never mind, I fixed it by guessing, but I would like to know what the plus and minus hours mean, thanx


03-04-2008 15:03:57

The +/- hours are offsets from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time, aka Zulu Time, aka UTC) and correspond to your timezone.

For Standard Time

Eastern = GMT-5
Central = GMT-6
Mountain = GMT-7
Pacific = GMT-8

Daylight Savings Time would add an hour, i.e. EDT = GMT-4, etc. I don't usually adjust the forums for DST though and just tolerate it being an hour off. You'd think the forum software would add an option to adjust for DST automatically. The newer versions probably do, I just haven't checked.