Which Monitor To Buy For Laptop?

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28-03-2008 13:23:28

I have a Dell Inspiron e1405 (14"). It uses Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950. How do I find out the maximum resolution it supports for an external monitor?


28-03-2008 14:39:24


[quoteb48179a96f] 256-bit graphics core running at 400MHz
Up to 10.6 GB/sec memory bandwidth with DDR2 667 system memory
1.6 GPixels/sec and 1.6 GTexels/sec fill rate
Up to 224 MB maximum video memory
[bb48179a96f]2048x1536 at 75 Hz maximum resolution[/bb48179a96f]
Dynamic Display Modes for flat-panel, wide-screen and Digital TV support
Operating systems supported Microsoft Windowsli XP, Windowsli XP 64bit, Media Center Edition 2004/2005, Windows 2000; Linux-compatible (Xfree86 source available)[/quoteb48179a96f]


28-03-2008 19:48:29

Does that mean I wouldn't have any problems connecting to a 24"monitor that has a resolution of 1920 x 1200?

I just need a monitor for web browsing and word processing. Is there a particular size you would recommend?


28-03-2008 20:55:49

Well, 1920x1200 is less than 2048x1536, so I don't expect you'd have any problems. ;)

Hard to say what's enough resolution for you. I'm a resolution hog, so I want the most I can afford. 1920x1200 is my minimum for a primary monitor -- more than that is prohibitively expensive at the moment. So it just depends on how you use it. I use dual monitors both at home and at work for my primary workstations, a 24" @ 1920x1200 primary with a 20" @ 1600x1200 secondary, so I'm basically running a 3520x1200 desktop. )

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29-03-2008 06:26:59

I got freakin hooked on dual monitors at work. But, I don't do enough actual work at home to justify buying a second monitor.