WTH: A Coder For Some Minor Jobs

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22-03-2008 23:18:08


We're looking for someone who is experienced with coding and FSR. We have some minor code issues around our sites that need fixing. If you believe you can do this please PM me, IM me (RNSupportJay), Or email= us at email=support@rewardznetwork.comsupport@rewardznetwork.com us at email=support@rewardznetwork.comsupport@rewardznetwork.com/email

Also please do not disappointed if we do not chose you, we must be very choosy of who we pick.

Thank you.

PS Admin's. I read the rules and I am not sure if this allowed to be posted or not but if not feel free to close.


23-03-2008 07:43:44

It's fine to solicit coding help, but it should probably belong in the Tech forum rather than For Sale/Hot Deals.