Edit: Pairing a T-Mobile Dash w/ Windows Mobile 6 to a PC

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20-03-2008 21:52:11

Edit Changing the topic now that I have new issues.

I'm on a new Dell Latitude D630, running Windows XP w/ SP 2. I'm trying to sync my T-Mobile Dash w/ Windows Mobile 6 to the laptop, using ActiveSync.

I've tried to pair my phone with my laptop, and it seemed like it worked. But when I try to connect, the Dash keeps telling me that a bluetooth-compatible PC wasn't found.

ActiveSync's troubleshooter tells me to crack into the Bluetooth Devices Control Panel. Unfortunately, there seems to be a relatively common issue with this namely, that it doesn't appear for a lot of people.

I found this purported fix for that problem http//support.microsoft.com/kb/911894[]http//support.microsoft.com/kb/911894

But, alas, it didn't work.

So I gave up on Windows' Bluetooth drivers and just updated the ones that came with the Dell (Toshiba's.) Now I have the latest version of those drivers. They seem worthless.

I'm supposed to open up an outgoing Com port on the Dash. When I try to do that, my only two options are Com 6 and Com 7.

When I use ActiveSync to look for the Dash, Com ports 6 and 7 are conspicuously absent from the choices I'm given.

Does anybody have ANY ideas for how to get my Dash to sync w/ my laptop via Bluetooth? Much appreciated if anybody has experience with this stuff...


20-03-2008 22:31:40

The 920 is capable of both (I found numerous sites saying so). You need to put the headset in discovery mode before the phone can see it. For the headset that came with my phone (not a 920) this involved holding down the main button until the led changed (to purple on mine). I'm not sure how it would work for yours. Check your manual? Keep in mind that once you put it in discovery mode, it will usually revert to normal operation after 1 minute so you have to act relatively quickly.


21-03-2008 06:57:34

Thanks for the help gafdpc. I thought I had read the manual correctly last night and that the headset had been in discovery mode, but it turns out that it hadn't been; it works fine this morning.

Thanks for your help. I made a few cell calls with it, and it seems to work well. I've got a VOIP call in 3 minutes, so we'll see how it holds up there.