22" or 24" Dell Monitor Suggestions

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20-03-2008 21:08:40

I'm looking to buy a 22" or 24" monitor from Dell.

I would gladly drop $400-$450 for the 2407WFP, but as of now the monitor is still around $500.

- Budget $300-$400
- Use Very casual...Word processing, web browsing, watching movies
- Don't need card reader or USB ports
- Will be used mostly with Dell Inspiron E1405 (Laptop)
- Would like to have ability to use XBOX 360 or Wii w/ monitor
- Would prefer adjustable stand
- Help reduce eyestrain


21-03-2008 11:41:15

The bigger the better ) I'd go for 24


21-03-2008 13:24:22

I've got the Dell 2407WFP (free from I-Deal). It's really worth it. Has all the bells-and-whistles. Although, for the limited usage you're going to get out of it, I would go with a cheaper 24-incher.