Posting a small picture in your signature

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20-03-2008 09:25:11

First of all, is it legal? I have seen others that do it so I was just wondering. If it is legal how do you post a picture in there. I just want to post that I am paypal verified!


20-03-2008 09:43:13

Use these insert URL here[" alt=""/img]


21-03-2008 19:56:12

[quote97520e9e6c="JKirk"]Use these insert URL here[" alt=""/img][/quote97520e9e6c]

The URL, by the way, can be generated by uploading your photos to a [i97520e9e6c]free[/i97520e9e6c] service like Photobucket. That way you can manage your own images instead of finding a image online and crossing your fingers that the owner doesn't remove the link.

PayPal has recently updated it's logos in the past 90 days or so, you can download the most recent images at their site )


22-03-2008 00:34:18

Thanks alot.......