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09-03-2008 18:06:49

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Alright. Umm...So I bought my G1S-A1 from Gentech PC back in June of 2007. It was running fine...but now it overheats. It gets really hot, and then the laptop just shuts itself off. I'm not even playing any games. I'm just watching a movie. And it got so hot, the little plastic grill thing where the fan vent of those plastic bars is loose, and another bar actually fell off. I'm not sure what to do. I need this until the end of the school year, so I can't send it back to ASUS for repairs until the summer. ASUS said they could repair it...I mean it's still under warranty for a really long time, it's just now things are falling off in the back and I'm not doing anything to it. And it keeps shutting of when I'm not doing anything. I was only watching a video, not even DVD, so the drive wasn't even in use. I was watching a video online, and boom, screen turns off, and it does a complete unsafe shutdown. This constantly keeps happening randomly. I can go open up an MP3 file in iTunes and then it will do that shutdown thing.

I keep it on a flat hard surface all of the time. I make sure the air vents are not covered. Ugh. It shouldn't be getting so hot. It's so loud too. My friend also has the same laptop, he bought it from Best Buy. And you can BARELY hear the fan. Mine sounds like an airplane taking off. I bought mine from Gentech PC. The only change they did was add an extra gig of RAM. Other than that, I have never opened the case at all. (

Also, another serial number sticker is a little worn off. The first two characters of my laptop's serial number cannot be viewed. Will that affect anything if I send it back to ASUS? (I have the serial number though).

I don't know what to do. Pieces of the grill in the back (where the fan is), are falling off. (The little bars). They are getting so hot that when touched they just fall off. Now that entire vent is exposed to someone's hand and it burns to the touch. It hurts. Isn't that illegal or shouldn't it be recalled? The only time that it's not running SUPER hot is when I put it on Office Mode which I set the brightness to all the way down, and set the processor to 5% min & max speed, instead of 100% Even then it's still really hot and very loud.

I do not like that pieces of my laptop are falling off.

I cannot return this laptop to ASUS just yet because I need it for school until the summer. What do you suppose I do? I can't stand this anymore.

I paid $2,300 at the time for this laptop. (extra RAM + better hard drive). Now it's like $500 cheaper with a BETTER hard drive, and better processor.

Ugh. I have not done anything physical to the laptop either, or installed something that would affect the way the laptop functions.

This laptop was purchased a few months prior to ASUS starting their 360 Warranty thing, but it still has a two year warranty.


- Windows Vista Ultimate (32-bit)
- 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo (T7500)
- HD Realtek Audio Card
- NVIDIA Geforce 8600M GT (256MB)
- 120GB 7200RPM SATA HDD
- 3GB of RAM


09-03-2008 19:23:09

sounds like you're gonna have to send it in... you can't use the library or something for a few weeks?


11-03-2008 10:02:12

Nope. Bump.


11-03-2008 10:21:56

Yep, you're going to have to send it back I would say.

unknown uchiha

11-03-2008 10:57:40

Sadly, you're going to have to send it in. Yes, it's a few weeks without your laptop but I assure you the downtime you're gonna have now will be longer than two to three weeks total when you accumulate it up for the entire remaining school year =/


11-03-2008 11:00:47

Just change the fan. Its cheap and could fix the problem. If that doesn't might have to send it in.[/sizeb4e99bbde6] )


11-03-2008 11:38:43

[quote8b06c2ebe2="ForceBucks"]Just change the fan. Its cheap and could fix the problem. If that doesn't might have to send it in.[/size8b06c2ebe2] )[/quote8b06c2ebe2]
And void my warranty? No thanks.


What about the serial number sticker on the bottom of the laptop. Some of the numbers are missing but I have the full number. Will they care?

I got an email from ASUS saying "Asus does not warrant anything if unit is physically damaged..."'s not my fault that the fan grill is overheated itself causing the plastic to melt and fall off. What the hell am I supposed to do? cry


11-03-2008 11:52:00

They'll see that the damage was caused by the fan if apparent.

However, I'd hate to see them misinterpret your school schedule/needs as neglect and not fix the issue under warranty because you chose to wait to send in the lappy for service. shock


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23-03-2008 16:18:30

dear lord foaf with the amount of time you spend bumping this thread you could have sent your computer in and had it back by now.

See you in two weeks....... When you bump this again.


23-03-2008 18:36:47

[quote07d94b12ce="TravMan162"]dear lord foaf with the amount of time you spend bumping this thread you could have sent your computer in and had it back by now.

See you in two weeks....... When you bump this again.[/quote07d94b12ce]

QFT. People are giving you the correct common sense solution, and you're refusing to take it.


27-03-2008 10:24:02

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