Netflix on Mac

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26-02-2008 00:50:31

I just signed up for Netflix and I'd like to be able to watch the instant stuff on my Mac. I have Parallels and I followed the instructions to update my system to run the movies. but when I try to play a movie it pops up a License Acquisition window which says

Instant watching message

Continue to your video by clicking the Play button when it appears below.

The Play button remains grey, nothing happens. Has anyone had this same problem and solved it? Netflix seems to only have phone customer support and I don't like to use my phone as it costs a fortune (pay as you go).


26-02-2008 22:35:14

25 views and no-one has any suggestions?

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28-02-2008 02:27:28

Meh. Finally got a tech support response and for some reason my WMP hadn't updated (despite the fact that I did the update for it. Twice). It works now.