Hard drive not recognized under "my computer"

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25-02-2008 18:59:29

Hard drive stopped showing up in windows explorer so I removed it and put in in an external case to try in on another computer.

Drive doesn't showing up in "my computer" but i can see it in device manager.

Ran spin rite on the drive and it ran for about 6 hours and "repaired" some bad sectors, but I am still unable to access the drive.

I tried attaching the drive in Linux but nothing.

There is some data on there I would like to recover.

Anything else I can try?


13-03-2008 13:56:55

have you tried right clicking the my computer icon, select manage, click storage, disk management and making sure the OS even sees the drive?


13-03-2008 16:31:47

yep OS doesnt see the drive except in device manager and in the bios

weird because i can plug the drive up to my mac and it recognizes it as a drive but its unreadable because its NTFS

I have also tired the drive on SUSE, openSUSE, and Ubuntu all see the drive in hardware information but none of them mount the drive


13-03-2008 18:18:44

Weird. I JUST had this start happening to me last night.