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25-02-2008 10:59:03

I have a number of RSS shortcuts/threads in MS Outlook 2007. Every time the member, ashilef, posts anything new all of his messages go back to unread. Why is that? Is he doing something or is there something wrong with RSS?

edit that is all of his messages in all of the threads he posted in.


25-02-2008 14:52:31

Not sure. The RSS support of this forum is something I've never used, nor even looked into the code behind it.

Are you saying that you're subscribing to threads, and only when this user "ashilef" posts something, all threads with his posts go unread?



25-02-2008 15:35:01

yep, that's exactly what happening


27-02-2008 07:29:27

Seems to be working now, I've seen the person post a few things without issue. If you did something, thanks for doing it!


28-02-2008 09:13:40

uh oh, this is happening when manofice posts things now....strange...