Buying an All-in-One Printer; Suggestions?

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24-02-2008 09:26:14

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I am currently looking to buy an All-in-One Printer, Scanner, Faxer, and Copier. I was looking online and found a lot of good reviews for the Brother MFC-665CW[=http//] Brother MFC-665CW. The primary features that I need are wireless networking capabilities and color printer. Does anyone have any recommendations for a different printer, or opinions on this one? Thanks!


24-02-2008 09:41:31

Brother makes decent, inexpensive printers. One thing Brother is reported to do well at, is allowing AIO functions (scanning and faxing, not just printing) over a network -- many AIO's won't do anything but print over netowrk.

For top quality and performance, my preference is Canon. I'm also fond of Epson but have been won over by Canon in recent years. I have the MP-530 which has everything you mentioned except built-in wireless. It even prints directly on CD/DVD media with a $15 tray and a firmware hack. Epson still prints better photos so I keep one for that, but for 90% of my printing duties the Canon is great.


24-02-2008 09:45:35

My brother uses an HP OfficeJet 7410 at his Cingular store, which is pretty much fully loaded.
I think it's alright, but sometimes might be slow with certain functions.
At home I use the OfficeJet 7210, which is a step below the 7410.
I think the 7210 lacks the wireless that you're looking for though.


24-02-2008 09:45:37

For top quality and performance, my preference is Canon.[/quote7db66ff195]

Do you know of any specific models that support wireless networking for Canon? I searched around a bit and could not find any.


24-02-2008 10:12:30

Not sure if Canon makes a wireless inkjet AIO or not.

As for HP, can't stand their inkjets and would never own another one. They do make good lasers though (or at least used to). Personally I'm not a big fan of HP products in general.


26-02-2008 17:05:07

I 2 Brother MFC series, they work great, I get my years worth of ink from the offer. It took awhile for them to send it but $50 got me 6 blk, 1 set of colors. I have the MFC-420 and MFC 440CN


26-02-2008 17:19:25

i own an HP photosmart C6180. Its AIO built in wireless and has the seperate ink colors as well as 2 paper trays ( one reg and one for 4X6 photo paper ). Also has several memory card reader slots as well as a usb port. Plus it has the small LCD screen. I havent had any problems with it and works fine for copying/scanning/faxing and printing. ( ive used it for all of this )