Wife wants a Pink Laptop

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22-02-2008 10:53:23

Hey everyone,

So my wife wants a pink laptop, she is looking at a Sony VAIO CR290 right now. I am just looking for opinions and suggestions. I know know alot about desktops and what not but not a whole lot on brands for laptops.

it looks like a nice system, the only concern for me is the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100. All she ever plays is the Sims 2 and i am sure it will run it, i am just wondering if someone knows what that is comparible to say Nvidia desktop cards.



22-02-2008 14:11:20

I'm a Sony VAIO fan, I have the massive AR670 "desktop replacement" model that I still carry it around every day in a backpack. VAIOs are pricey but their build quality, fit & finish, etc. is excellent.

The X3100 is an attempt by Intel to add true 3D rendering in an integrated video controller. It supports hardware T&L and other advanced stuff over prior integrated solutions. It still lags behind the current-gen laptop GPU's from Nvidia and ATI, but it should play stuff like The Sims just fine.


22-02-2008 14:25:41

thanks dmorris, That info is pretty helpful. I think my biggest concern with this is just the Intel Graphics, I wish it had something better, any more info on teh graphics would be greatly appreciated.


22-02-2008 14:45:42

It's also a DirectX 10 part.


[quote8a53a038fa="Wikipedia"]GMA X3100

The GMA X3100 is the mobile version of the GMA X3000 used in the Intel GL960 and GM965 chipsets. The X3100 supports hardware transform and lighting, up to 128 programmable shader units, and up to 384 MB memory. Its display cores can run up to 333 MHz on GM965 and 320 MHz on GM960. Its render cores can run up to 500 MHz on GM965 and 400 MHz on GM960. The X3100 display unit includes a 300 MHz RAMDAC, two 25-112 MHz LVDS transmitters, 2 DVO encoders, and a TV encoder. In addition, the product can support DirectX 10.[/quote8a53a038fa]


28-02-2008 10:10:52

Just in case you're interested I'm selling my Sony Vaio that's PINK!! I've only had it for three months. Still works like new, nothing's wrong I just want a macbook now let me know if ur interested!


29-02-2008 09:56:10

Interesting, basing laptop choice on colour. I'm so glad I'm not girly.