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18-02-2008 15:06:34

Post a screenshot of your firefox screen and explain why you like it the best (don't worry about breaking the page). Here's mine ---

http/" alt=""/"101/6362/screenshotoi9.png[" alt=""/img3c9e7eeeac]

It's ifox smooth. I love it because it's really clean and it hardly takes up any space at the top so you have more browsing space.


18-02-2008 15:13:20

I use firefox. I didn't know they even had themes?


18-02-2008 15:17:43

Yeah they're great. Take a look ---


It's hard to find a good one though. A lot of them suck in my opinion.


18-02-2008 20:37:45

I used to use iFox but reverted back to the default theme.


18-02-2008 22:17:16



18-02-2008 23:18:29

Macfox II Graphite
[imgab695f78dd]http/" alt=""/"132/5572/[" alt=""/imgab695f78dd][=http//img="][imgab695f78dd]http/" alt=""/"132/5572/[" alt=""/imgab695f78dd]


19-02-2008 07:27:08

I also use the iFox... However, I ditched the bookmarks toolbar to give myself even more browsing space.


19-02-2008 07:36:52

Yeah...I always end back at the default as well, and there is no giving up the bookmarks toolbar either.....that's the best thing ever.


19-02-2008 07:52:54

There have been times that I have contemplated re-enabling the bookmarks toolbar, but for now I'm content browsing without it.


19-02-2008 10:12:31

Default theme here on all boxes, and the Bookmarks Toolbar is a must-have for me -- all of my regular bookmarks are there, I rarely venture into the Bookmarks menu.


19-02-2008 11:41:29

I use Noia Extreme 2.0 for both Firefox & Thunderbird. I like it a lot and have been using it since I started using Firefox.
I also use the bookmarks toolbar a lot since using the bookmarks sidebar is annoying. My homepage is the Speed Dial add-on which is really useful to open multiple things right from startup.
http/" alt=""/"402/6376/themezf8.jpg[" alt=""/img024c97276a]


19-02-2008 13:31:49

Here it is anyway

[imga59666a215]http/" alt=""/"402/6892/[" alt=""/imga59666a215][=http//img="][imga59666a215]http/" alt=""/"402/6892/[" alt=""/imga59666a215]


19-02-2008 19:04:51

Is that a download from somewhere?


19-02-2008 21:39:25

Judging by your profile I'm guessing you mean Firefox. It's a web browser. http// The themes you can find on the same website.