Broken laptop screen.

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12-02-2008 11:58:02

My girlfriend stepped on her laptop and broke the LCD screen, and needs to replace it.

DELL won't cover it under their warranty and wants to charge her like $500 to replace it. Can anyone suggest cheaper alternatives? Right now the main thing is to spend as little money as possible repairing it, since she has basically no money right now.


12-02-2008 12:05:42

I've ordered from them before, and their stock is nice, and they ship fast.



12-02-2008 12:54:31

Thanks man. That's a lot of help.

Is installation difficult?


12-02-2008 13:02:18

[quotea7148e429b="ilanbg"]Thanks man. That's a lot of help.

Is installation difficult?[/quotea7148e429b]

It depends on your experience, and tinkering abilities. It took me about 2 hours the first time replaced the LCD on my IBM T40, and about 45 minutes the second time. IBM/Lenovo publishes their service manual for anyone to use, I don't know if Dell does the same thing.