I have a busted printer disk...HP officejet 4200 series

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03-02-2008 23:05:46

Hey there guys and gals,

Any one out there have a HP officejet 4200 series disk? Mine got busted in my move, and naturally when I was having trouble with my printer, I needed to redownload the software...ARRRRGGGG!!!

I'd be happy to pay for it, return it or what have you...just need to get my printer up and running again.

PM me please.

Be Gentle LOL

Margot ;)


03-02-2008 23:29:04

Can't you just download the software and then burn it to disc?

You can order another copy from HP for about $11.


04-02-2008 06:28:11

Yeah, go to HP's site. The driver online will most likely be more current anyway.

I lineverli install from driver discs that come with hardware. I always go online and download the latest drivers.


04-02-2008 11:52:23

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it! I had gone there, but couldn't find my particular printer/scanner, so thought it might be too outdated...bought it in 04. A bit more digging and I came up with it.

I can understand why you go to the sites to do this...much more updated!

Thanks again!

Margot ;)