Computer acting funky...

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02-02-2008 22:46:09

Couple wierd things going on. Alright, I recently lost my AntiVirus, since the trial that came with my computer is up. Starting last night, I've had 2 wierd things. The "mouse" on the laptop won't work correctly. When I use the thing on the right side (to control the web page I'm on) it doesn't work, and just moves the mouse pointer up and down, rather than the page. Second, when I start Internet Explorer, it starts very slow, saying "website found, connecting..." or whatever it is, for 2-3 minutes. After it finally does go, it works great. Some programs (AIM) won't start when I click on it. I tried restarting, cleared cookies/history, dick defragment, with no help. Any thoughts?


02-02-2008 23:52:17

I just posted in your duplicate thread in FS/HD. You don't need to post basically the same question in two forums. Check the sticky at the top of the thread list.