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01-02-2008 20:53:16

I have a machine that I am trying to install Windows XP onto.

But when I try to boot the XP Install Disc and I press a key when it says (Press any key to continue...), it just goes to a blank screen and does nothing. I have used my original retail disc (and have even tested a not-so legit disc) and they both do not boot.

But both discs boot fine when I try it on another computer!

Whats even more strange is when I put in a Linux Install Disc (Debian) into the problematic computer..... It boots just fine! [I can even install the distribution and run it... Which is what I did]. But I have another machine dedicated to Linux, so I only want Windows XP on this machine.

Any ideas?

P.S. The hard drive is SATA.


02-02-2008 10:27:29

BIOS update?

It sounds like the BIOS doesn't like the boot block on the Windows disc. If it works on other systems then you know it isn't the disc. That's really the only idea I can come up with.

SATA on the HDD shouldn't make a difference until you get far enough into the install to be prompted for F6 drivers (and if you have a recent chipset, you don't even need those drivers). If your disc isn't even starting the install process, then it's nothing to do with the HDD.

Another shot in the dark might be to try a different optical drive. Other than those, I got nuthin'.


02-02-2008 18:04:30

BIOS is of latest version (its an Acer).

Also, I tried removing the cable for SATA, and the installation proceeds as normal... When I plug it in however... I can't get past the "Press any key to continue" message.

Oh well... I guess this is the OEM's way of forcing you to use Vista (since that disc boots just fine) ?