fix broken or corrupt JPGS.

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01-02-2008 15:31:33

Hey Everyone,

So, my wife asked me to reformat her HDD and what not. fix up and clean up her computer. I told her to backup everything...2 % into the reformat she remembered she never backed up her pictures....

I ran about 5 differant recovery programs I.E OnTrack. and was able to recover a lot of the pictures. However some of them are broken or corrupt. I will either get no preview available when trying to view, or Some of them dispay the thumbnail, but the full picture is messed up. Or so the thumbnail and pic is messed up. Any ideas on how to try to recover some of these pictures?



01-02-2008 22:49:43

If none of the pictures look fine in full view, then they're probably unrecoverable. You can try this[=http//]this piece of software I found from a quick Google search. The reason you can see the thumbnails is because windows stores them in a thumbs.db file. Next time make a backup of the whole HDD wink


22-02-2008 08:07:48

I recently lost a year's worth of pictures to my external hard drive's death. So I would suggest if you want to backup pictures, do it on the internet.

http// is free and has unlimited usage and is actually better than Flickr in some respects, or so I've heard. But definitely don't use Flickr to back up your stuff, it'll take you forever, unless you pay for it ;)