Does anyone have any ideas....

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23-01-2008 16:09:08

about what would cause my browsers to lockup when I get to sites (particularly forums) with lots of links?

I've tried to comb thru all the posts in this Tech section, but I didn't see if someone else has had something similar happen.

I open Firefox
Homepage is just Google.
I use my Roboform to quick sign-in to freeipodguide.
[b60cac4fe54]Problem[/b60cac4fe54] after signing in, the main forum index is loading but gets stuck only on the last little bit that needs to load. browser says 'Not Responding' in the title bar. I have to wait an extra 5-10 seconds for the loading to finish before I can click anywhere or use the scrollbar. Same happens again when I click on any of the subforums.

Stuff I have
Windows XP Svc Pack2 (latest updates didn't help)
Firefox and Netscape (same prob with both browsers)
Firefox add-ons RoboForm, WebDeveloper, ColorZilla, IE Emulator
CA Internet Suite (anti-virus&spyware programs)
SpyBot -SD (catches what CA doesn't)
CCleaner (I use after I close my browsers)

What I've done
WinXP updated
Deep scan using SpyBot and CA Suite
Rebooted a billion times (warm and cold booting)
Ran FirefoxWebDev to see how fast sites load (showed no problems)

If anybody can help me out, or point me towards the right things to look for, I'd REALLY REALLY appreciate it!!


23-01-2008 16:19:55

• Clear cookies
• Empty cache


24-01-2008 18:44:15

I use CCleaner, ilanbg. That takes care of all the temporary internet stuff.

Other ideas? Anybody?


24-01-2008 19:05:30

Could be connection problems and/or cache. But if she's using CCleaner then I don't really think it could be the cache.


24-01-2008 19:51:30

Ilan thinks you're a tard. lol