Micro ATX MOBO in Standard ATX Case?

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18-01-2008 10:36:13

Hey Everyone,

I have a friend who asked me about a new motherboard he was planning on getting. He has a standard ATX Case but the motherboard he was looking at was Micro ATX. He was wondering if the board would fit in the case. I believe it would, but I am not sure if all the screw slots are the same? Does anyone know for sure?



18-01-2008 10:42:17

sure it would, i'm running a micro atx mobo in a full sized tower, heh


18-01-2008 11:09:50

thanks! I will pass the info on to him. I was pretty sure it would, I just wanted to double check for him.


18-01-2008 19:15:03

Same here, I just cut out my motherboard panel on the back of the case so that everything would reach alright.