Graphics Card going WACKY!!

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15-01-2008 20:17:20

Hey Everyone,

So I logged on to play Counter Strike today and my graphics looked like the attached screenshots. I can play videos fine, my desktop and everything else with my computer looks fine, however, playing CS and now I have found it happens with any game, it looks like the my GPU going out?! I tried downloading the newest driver and installing it. Restarted my computer, reseated the card. It still keeps happening. It was working fine yesterday and for the months before that. Please Help!!! I Want to play CS!


15-01-2008 20:22:57

That sort of artifacting and texture corruption is a sign of card failure, often due to overheating. I've lost a few that way, a couple after their GPU fan had died and I didn't realize until the damage was done.

Time for a new vidcard, I would expect.


15-01-2008 21:01:18

Question, did you overclock it?


15-01-2008 21:15:55

Hey guys, thanks for the advice. No I have not overclocked it....Some new news. I turned my pc off, it sat for about an hour and works.. This has happened once before but i just never made a post about it it seems taht after my PC sits a while it works...but after time goes bad again....would you suggest heat? I do believe it is still under warrenty, would you still suggest getting it replaced? any other suggestions? thanks. I appreciate it all.


15-01-2008 21:25:42

If it works after cooling down, the most logical cause of the problem is heat.


15-01-2008 21:42:19

would you suggest trying to find a better way to cool my system? or a better card?


15-01-2008 21:45:01

If it's still under warranty, tell 'em and get a new card, if the problem still persists, then seek better cooling solutions.

Or vice versa.


15-01-2008 21:57:47

I will have to see if i can get it replaced, neweggs pretty good about it though...Thanks for the advice...will update you guys later.


16-01-2008 06:27:35

Definitely sounds like heat damage, and once you have it, you can't really fix it. Unless your PC just has really lousy cooling now that can be improved greatly, the problem most likely is permanent. You might cool things down enough to delay the breaking point, but it will gradually get worse and worse. I say that based on my experience with cards doing the same thing.

If you're within 30 days, Newegg will replace the card. If more, you'll need to go to the manufacturer if it's still under warranty. One reason I like eVGA is their true lifetime warranty and excellent support. XFX and BFG also offer good lifetime warranties. Others like PNY offer pseudo-lifetime (market lifetime) or just 1-3 years.