Range Extender

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15-01-2008 16:17:09

I've got the DWL-G800AP range extender, and I'm using the DI-624 rev_C router.

I've been using the range extender for years now, but now this problem is really starting to bug me.

When more than one person is connected to the internet through the range extender, there's problems. For instance, if I'm downloading something, and someone else goes to browse the internet, it's EXTREMELY sluggish. And then, if I'm playing on my 360 online, and my father goes to check his email, I experience major lag and it's super slow for him.

Anything I can do to prevent this from happening?

Also, is it okay to do a firmware update on the router [b13bdd14432]wirelessly[/b13bdd14432]?


15-01-2008 20:02:29

It is strongly not reccomended to do a firmware update wirelessly.


16-01-2008 06:55:44

I have done it before, but again it is not recommended.


16-01-2008 19:06:54

Alrighties, what about my other question?


16-01-2008 19:44:37

Don't do that.