Error:"DLLmessagebox" function missing when instal

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13-01-2008 11:01:46

Alright, so I definitely need some more advanced help because I definitely have no idea what this means. When I try to install The Sims 2 Open for Business, I get an error message when running the autorun.exe file

Error AutoRunGUI.dll found, but DLLmessagebox function is missing.

I don't understand what could be causing this. Is there a way to manually install a game or to fix this problem?


13-01-2008 11:56:46

It's telling you that some function called DLLmessagebox is missing from the DLL file so it's something wrong with your DLL file on your windows installation (assuming it's not on the dvd-rom).

Isn't there a setup.exe file you can run so you can bypass autorun.exe?


13-01-2008 12:07:38

I can't find it in the Sims 2 disk thing. I was thinking as well that it would be on there as well, but obviously it's not.