Macbook optical drive "caved in"

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unknown uchiha

12-01-2008 22:17:57


OK I tried inserting a disc in my Macbook, and like my optical drive is like caved in (or at least the part to insert it) so if I force the disc in the mechanism won't accept it or anything.

I've had it for one year and six months so I'm outside the warranty period (I never paid for AppleCare -.-) and the cheapest replacement I found is like $150 for the drive, a DIY replacement. Weak stuff.

Anyone experience this too?

I'm considering just DIY-ing a Macbook Pro (I want to upgrade to Pro, so now seems like a godsend to do so. I'd start the site like AFTER Macworld in case of any new MBPs). Suggestions? I don't want to do referrals since it'd cost me a ton of money, DIY-ing it would cost me $200 at most and without any risk of refs going red, etc. so I'd think NUItech or YFDirect.

So yeah. Sucks for me.


13-01-2008 09:41:07

Definitely wait for MacWorld, there's a good chance they will have them there. I would think about selling your Macbook, I'm sure you could get at least $600 or $700 for it if it's in good condition.

unknown uchiha

13-01-2008 22:37:18

It's in OK condition. The keyboard has the usual "chips" on the bottom left/right side, the palmrest is discolored (blue), the clicker is a bit overreactive at parts, and now the optical drive won't load anymore.

Ugh haha.