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10-01-2008 17:43:41

Tri-Band Touch Screen Cell Phone Watch with 1.3MP Camera / Bluetooth / TF Slot

Item# 118475599-10654


Product Description
This item will ship to you directly from our supplier in China. Orders are typically processedin 2-3 days. A tracking number through the Hong Kong Post will be provided. Your order willusually be delivered within 2-3 weeks. Priority shipping is not available.

Fulfill your Geek Dreams... Dick Tracy Style

Lets get it out in the open. Here at Fruper we've lusted after wristwatch cell phones before cellphones even existed. Hey, we love our iPhones... but there's something irresistible about talkingDick Tracy style into your watch. Fortunately we don't have to play favorites because theTouchscreen Cell Phone/PDA Wristwatch is an unlocked GSM cell phone. Just pop your existingsim card out of the top of your iPhone (or other GSM Cell Phone from AT&T/Cingular or T-Mobile)and insert it into the back of the watch and power it up. Call your standard cell phone number andyour wrist will start ringing.

The Touchscreen Cell Phone Wristwatch has a great feature set considering it's small size. Ofcourse you can make and receive calls (dial by pulling the tiny included stylus from the side of thewatch and tapping the numbers on the screen) but you can also play MP3 files, watch movies,store hundreds of phone numbers and send SMS messages and enter schedules or notes withbasic handwriting recognition, Sync via Bluetooth, Take pictures with the 1.3MP Camera, andstore files on a TF Card. We find the volume of the built in speakerphone to be a bit low, so werecommend using the included bluetooth headset or wired headphones for best performance(any other bluetooth headset will work as well). The watch charges off of USB or the included walladapter. Connect to USB on your computer to access the file contents of the watch in disk mode.

Who can use the Phone?

The Touchscreen Cell Phone/PDA Wristwatch is an unlocked tri-band GSM cell phone with noincluded SIM card. You will need existing service with either T-Mobile or AT&T/Cingular to use thisphone in the USA. It will NOT work with Verizon or Sprint. You can use your existing SIM card fromyour current cell phone (in which case the watch will just become your cell phone with the samenumber and same voicemail while the SIM card is inserted.), or buy a pre-paid SIM card fromT-Mobile or AT&T/Cingular. If you can't understand the above you may want to reconsider yourpurchase.

Are you Geeky Enough?

While we think the Touchscreen Cell Phone/PDA Wristwatch is pretty cool, but we don'trecommend you buy it as a gift for your Grandma. You need to be comfortable with tasks likeswapping SIM cards in and out and transferring files using USB. The manual gets the pointacross, but leaves much to be desired. This is a toy for geeks, plain and simple. If you're notcomfortable figuring out a new user interface and fiddling with a tiny stylus while you navigateoodles of phone settings this might not be the right purchase for you.


- Triband GSM 900/1800/1900
- Bluetooth support (free bluetooth headset included)
- Built-in 1.3MPixel Camera
- 700mAh rechargeable Lithium battery included
- 1.3-inch Touch Screen Color LCD
- MP3/ GPRS/ WAP/ SMS/ MMS support
- TF Slot available for memory expansion
- Voice Dialing supported
- Built-in handsfree speakerphone
- Standby hours 150~300 hours (manufacturer rated)
- Talk time 2~3 hours (manufacturer rated)
- 128MB built-in storage memory
- AC charger and all necessary accessories are included for usage right out of the box


10-01-2008 18:51:25

Keep in mind that this phone is TriBand.
It does not have the US 850 Frequency.

The US uses 850 and 1900. Other countries use 900 and 1800.

Tmobile uses only 1900, so you won't be effected by this, but if you have AT&T, your reception won't be as good as it may be on other phones since AT&T uses the 850 frequency.
Just keep that in mind before you go impulse buying.


10-01-2008 19:18:35

Thanks for the heads up...I just thought it was an interesting product.