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10-01-2008 11:44:10

I have a desktop computer that I havn't used in about 6 months. I am playing poker again and need the computer for my paying, so I decided to hook it up again. When it goes to boot, it does its normal thing, checking for ram and what not, then I have to click "F1" like I always have had it set to make it actually start up. It goes to the "Windows XP" screen and then it kicks right back to where it lists my drives.

It lists the IDE Channel things and what not. At the bottom of this page it says ...
"Floppy disk(s) fail (40)
Warning! CPU has been changed or CPU Ratio changed fail.
Please re-enter CPU settings in the CMOS setup and remember to save before quit!"

Now I have no idea what to do. If anyone can give me any help it would be greatly appreciated...

Anything special you think it could be? The only thing I can think of is that i'm using a different monitor hook up than I did before, because I can't find the one I used to use. It is going from a different port, and is a completely different type (not just the same type with a different cord) could this be the problem?


10-01-2008 11:50:21

This is not because of your monitor. Ussually the Floppy disk(s) fail (40) error is due to your floppy (a) 1.4mb drive not connected or working. Try turning your PC off and making sure your Floppy drive is connected. If it is, then it may be broken. Go into your CMOS settings in your BIOS and disable the floppy drive. This should get you past this error. Also, you may want to try reseating your proc. If this fails to resolve that, try using the CMOS jumper to clear the CMOS. you will have to then rechange the CMOS to disable the floppy. If all if this fails, you may have a bad proc.


10-01-2008 12:08:37

First, go into CMOS and reset it to defaults (kinda like what it's telling you to do?). That may be all you need to do. It sounds like BIOS may be corrupted.

If that fails to stick, open it up and check that all cards & cables are firmly seated. Sometimes, especially when equipment is moved around, things have a way of working lose. Perhaps your floppy cable or something.

Another reason could be a dead CMOS battery. If the other things suggested don't work, try replacing the battery. It's probably a CR2032, which are very common and cheap.

BTW, why do you need a separate computer for [i9759061308]paying[/i9759061308]?


10-01-2008 12:11:34

If you haven't used it in a long time and it's a fairly old PC maybe the CMOS battery was discharged (and/or reset) and you need to reenter your CPU settings in the bios.

I'd first try to re-enter the CPU settings in the bios like it tells you to.


10-01-2008 13:48:45

Well, I just got back from practice, it did the same thing, i hit F1 and it started up like it used to... should I just forget it ever happened or should I try to change the settings?

Also, I have always had to hit F1 to make it continue booting, is there any way to make it automatically boot?

Thanks for the help so far! I Love having you computer people around!


10-01-2008 13:52:11

Again, go into the BIOS settings and choose to reset to factory defaults.

Regarding the F1 problem, it's because of the error. Clear the cause of the error, and the F1 prompt should go away. Some BIOSes have a setting to enable/disable the prompt on boot errors, but it's usually a good idea to leave it enabled so that you know when something is wrong.


10-01-2008 14:14:47

I used to get the same issue where I had to hit F1 to get past. It was becuase of my floppy. You stated that you got a "Floppy disk(s) fail (40)" error. Do you have a floppy drive attached to your system? If no, then check to see if your PC has it enabled in the bios, if it does, chances are thats why your having to press F1. its to continue past that.