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08-01-2008 15:51:07

Okay, so I have my 360 hooked up via Component cables, but it's SDTV. I cannot choose all my games are widescreen...why?! My Wii plays everything on Component full screen at 480i. Halo 3 is full screen but I think it's 480p, and all the text looks small. Ugh.


08-01-2008 17:43:37

Just go buy an HDTV )


09-01-2008 04:48:29

Yeah right, if I had the money. Okay, so I figured this out. Maybe Forza 2 is always widescreen no matter what? Because when I play Halo 3, it's full screen @ 480p, but the fonts are really really small, and hard to read.

My Wii has component cables and when I select 480p it doesn't work, I have to do 480i, so how is my 360 doing 480p? Ugh, I don't wanna use composite or s-video.


09-01-2008 11:29:57

And I don't think Forza 2 is supposed to be playing widescreen either. (


09-01-2008 11:33:56

Forza 2 works perfectly fine for me, but i'm playin on 1080P hdtv BOOM

get a new tv. J/K, heh

You should be able to get 480P with your compoent cables and it should look fine.


09-01-2008 13:04:45

That's the problem. It looks fine, but text is sometimes way too tiny to read. It's at 480p. It SHOULD be 480i, but I'm not given the option.

On my Wii for instance, it's also hooked up via component, and it's at 480i, and I CANNOT play via 480p. So how is it playing via 480p? lol.

And all my games are playing full screen, except for Forza 2. Why won't Forza 2 play full screen?


09-01-2008 13:31:05

Why not just hook it up w/ composite cables and go back to SD on your cable side...That should take care of the issue, shouldn't it?


09-01-2008 16:02:55

What do you mean?

I don't want to hook it up via composite? And everything else on my TV is connected via component.


09-01-2008 18:38:46

Well....It just seems like it would solve your issue.....that's only why I suggested it.

I mean if you go composite, then it can only be a SD signal being passed to your tv, and there shouldn't be a resolution problem then.


09-01-2008 19:04:15

But then it looks like poop. (


09-01-2008 19:17:34

When you're actually playing how much of the sharp detail do you honestly notice?


09-01-2008 19:44:05

[quotef8c59c1d7e="ILoveToys"]When you're actually playing how much of the sharp detail do you honestly notice?[/quotef8c59c1d7e]

I notice a lot...


10-01-2008 06:32:03

[quote19d890fd0a="ILoveToys"]When you're actually playing how much of the sharp detail do you honestly notice?[/quote19d890fd0a]
A lot. Even on my Wii, I went from Composite, to S-Video, to Component, and there was a huge difference every time.

Ugh...I downloaded the Burnout Paradise demo, and it's playing in widescreen and the font is really really small, and ugh, why can't I play in 480i, it makes no sense. (

And when mean it's playing widescreen, I mean there are big black bars on the top and bottom.


12-01-2008 05:31:13

I'm just going to paste the email I sent Microsoft, but all they tell me to do is read their FAQs. In fact, the first time they gave me instructions on how to set up my HDTV which I don't have. Here, read, and see if you can help me. )


[bfedeb4864f]This is URGENT and should be READ and FIXED as soon as possible. I am not the only one with these problems.

I recently just purchased an Xbox 360 Elite. I have a 32" Standard Definition Television (non-widescreen) with COMPONENT input/output. My Xbox is currently connected to my television via the supplied COMPONENT cables. This is to ensure that I get the best picture and video quality out of the console. Here's the problem(s)

1. I CANNOT select a resolution smaller than 480p. Now, video is displayed with 480p, but I would like to be able to choose 480i. The Xbox Dashboard looks okay, I mean, it's still a little fuzzy and [small text] if you will, because of the huge resolution...therefore it should be at 480i. I have my cables set to TV and not to HDTV..

2. I have Halo 3, and the screen plays full screen, however, the resolution is gigantic that the fonts and text are almost impossible to read. I need to strain my eyes to actually read it.

3. I played Forza 2 that comes with the Xbox 360 Elite. Now, here's one major problem with it. It's playing in widescreen. Yeah, I don't understand it. There are black bars on the top and bottom, and it's playing in widescreen, as well as the fonts and text being almost impossible to read as well.

4. Marvel Ultimate Alliance plays full screen, however, again, the text is extremely small.

5. I downloaded the demo of Burnout Paradise via Xbox Live. I played the demo, and it's doing the same thing as in Forza 2. It's playing in widescreen, and the text is literally IMPOSSIBLE to read in this game. I cannot read it, unless I go right in front of the TV and hurt my eyes.


Something needs to be done about this immediately. Standard Definition Television users should not have to deal with this just because all of the games are built in high-definition.

Also, because my television supports component, and works with it, why should I be forced to use lower quality cables and video signals such as composite and s-video cables. Yes, I'll be able to achieve 480i resolution...but it will makes the games look like well...crap. I want to keep it at component, and I recommend that this letter gets sent to whoever creates updates for the Xbox 360.

And update needs to be made to fix these issues, as well as an update so that I can choose the resolution of 480i instead of 480p so that I can actually READ the font and text, if the above problems cannot be fixed in some way.[/bfedeb4864f]

I also just purchased Call of Duty 4 yeseterday, and it plays full screen, but some of the font and text are really small. The menu items are easy to read, but the subtitles and some other things are hard to read. (

Thanks for your help guys.

This is the televsion I have

Sony KV-32FV310 32" Flat-Screen FD Trinitron WEGA TV

I noticed if I lower the sharpness a bit and take off "Dyna Black" and ClearEdge, the text becomes readable, even though it's small, however, everything else looks like crap if that happens. (

And my father doesn't want me messing around with the sharpness settings because he likes it the way it is, because the television is fine. I don't understand why this can't be fixed, or some settings can be added to the 360. (

Someone on XBOX's forums said this
[quotefedeb4864f]Unfortunately, folks with standard definition TVs are a casualty of the next-gen revolution. In order to make the text fit in the areas of the screen where it is supposed to be, it has to be scaled down to a degree that it is no longer readable on SDTV. The only way to make the text readable is to make it too large. With graphics - figures, backgrounds, etc., you don't need perfect fidelity in order for gamers to know what you are portaying, but with text you need sharp, clearly-defined lines. There is only so much you can do with 480p. The only way to fix this is to help game studios find better, text-free ways to convey information in game.[/quotefedeb4864f][/colorfedeb4864f]

I guess if I can make my dad let me change the sharpness or whatever...but it's not fair otherwise...and the font is still too small. (



13-01-2008 13:43:41

And I guess I'm not the only with the problem



15-01-2008 18:17:17

Also, I was reading up...the TV that I have, only displays up to how in the world is it doing 480p? I was reading somewhere someone tried to use a 480p DVD player and it didn't work. My Wii's 480p functionality doesn't work, yet it works with the 360? I don't understand. (