Car Stereo Install

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07-01-2008 18:39:29

I just bought a Sony Stereo. I have the front mount intercooler off my car so I can't start it, but I can turn it one click so that it gets power. When I click it to accessories it turns on but it's on off mode. Off Mode just powers the lights around the buttons and displays the time and date. So I turned it on accessories and all that comes up is it in off mode, no music, no channel turning, nothing. I bought it used but before I contact the guy I want to make sure I installed it right. Any ideas?


07-01-2008 19:27:37

Did you use a factory wiring harness, or splice the wires? If the latter, did you check all your splices/


07-01-2008 19:30:05

Just bought a harness from Autozone just matched colors and badda bing.


07-01-2008 19:33:48

[quote316f16cacf="hairyferry"]Just bought a harness from Autozone just matched colors and badda bing.[/quote316f16cacf]

So you spliced them, or not?


07-01-2008 19:36:18

well I'm not sure if it's considered splicing but one end plugs into the factory end and on the other end are just wires hanging out and you just match the colors to the harness coming off the head unit and twist them together.


08-01-2008 04:00:15

Yeah, that's what I'm calling splicing. Obviously, the first thing to do is check to make sure that all of your twistings are tight, and secure. Did you use wire-nuts, or solder the connections? If you didn't do either, it's possible/likely that one of them is disconnected.


08-01-2008 04:10:21

I used wirenuts then wrapped them in electrical tape


08-01-2008 13:44:34

[quote90bde59d75="hairyferry"]I used wirenuts then wrapped them in electrical tape[/quote90bde59d75]

If the wirenuts are loose, or too big, the wires can become disconnected. You could also just have a loose wire somewhere. Like I said, I'd recheck all your connections. If you're sure they're tight, then I'd contact the guy bought it from, because it sounds like some sort of device problem at that point. Do you need a code for the unit? My headunit requires a code to get it to work, and it needs to be input each time you disconnect the battery.