Laptop Memory

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07-01-2008 15:54:21

When I purchased my laptop, it was stated that I was to have 3GB of RAM, @ 667MHz.

I just noticed that both my 1GB and 2GB sticks are not what they say they are.

PC2-5300U DDR2-333

That's what it says, 333MHz. Or does both combined count as 667Mhz?


Would 667MHz memory make a much bigger difference? If it does, I have a big problem.


07-01-2008 21:05:49

PC2-5300 = DDR2-667

Yes the frequency is clock-quadrupled from a 166Mhz memory bus speed.

In other words, your memory is what it was advertised to be.


07-01-2008 21:38:19

The difference between memory speeds is minute unless you're overclocking.


08-01-2008 04:28:23

Thanks so much guys. D