Loading newest iPod OS onto 60GB Video iPod.

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03-01-2008 17:38:36

I own a 60GB Video iPod and wanted to know if it is possible to load the newest iPod OS that is on the 80 and 160GB iPods? (i.e. with the ability to use cover flow on the iPod)

Thanks in advance.


03-01-2008 20:40:02



04-01-2008 11:59:50

You can get close but it's a hack. No coverflow though.



04-01-2008 18:43:32

[quotedf0a887f83="hehehhehe"]You can get close but it's a hack. No coverflow though.

Yeah, I tried searching and that was the closest thing I could get.
I've seen multiple people ask and no one has found anything with the coverflow.


05-01-2008 22:29:28

Ok, thanks guys. So my 5G iPod is Mac formatted, so I want to update the firmware using my mac. How do I do this without completely restoring the ipod?


06-01-2008 01:58:18

I've tried finding some information for you, but sadly, I think that reinstalling the firmware in any way (if it is up to date already, that is) will result in formatting the ipod data. If I can find any information that would be different, however, I'll post it for you (or if anyone else knows differently).

Shouldn't be a problem, though, assuming you have all the music that's on your ipod backed up. I used Sharepod once to back up my files when I moved my music library, so hopefully it works for you. I know, you'd rather not have to load the files to it again ... but it's good to be backed up just in case.

Good luck in your search.


06-01-2008 07:41:09

My friend has an 80GB iPod with the new OS and honestly, it's kinda bulky and slow and pretty annoying to use. He wishes he had the old one back.