Recommend me a Sound Card

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23-12-2007 21:24:34

I want a sound card for a gaming computer I am building. I am going to use the Logitech Z-5500 speakers. There are so many choices I am going crazy! I am only going to be gaming on this computer. Thanks for your help!!! I can spend around $100 or so on it.


23-12-2007 22:14:07

I bought the Creative XtremeGamer card for my rig. Works perfectly for all my needs shrug Just be sure [i6d692df7f3]not[/i6d692df7f3] to get the XtremeAudio (crappy version). Here it is @ Newegg



24-12-2007 03:45:03

I'm not a fan of Creative Labs, and had boycotted them after the Live! debacle with them defending their PCI bus hogging and thumbing their nose at non-Intel chipsets. However the X-Fi model had no real competition when it came out and I caved, buying an X-Fi Platinum shortly after they were available. It has worked pretty well and is an impressive piece of engineering, although there have been some issues with certain games that made me question my return to their fold.

There are some decent alternatives to SoundBlaster out there, but they don't get the widespread hype and support that Creative gets, so you're probably better off sticking with them, especially if you aren't as picky as me regarding their business practices. )


25-12-2007 14:33:28


"Cons The digital output only allows headphones and 2.1. If you go spend several hundred dollars on a sound system and want, say, Dolby Digital 5.1, or 7.1, you have to hook up the line outputs directly. Which makes one wonder... why have optical digital out if it only supports 2.1?"

I read that on newegg. That will be a problem because I am going to use optical for my speakers. Could you confirm this?


25-12-2007 19:26:27

Sorry, I'm old-school so I don't use optical out (