Running Windows XP on my Macbook, but no internet

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16-12-2007 21:32:11

I just installed Windows XP with SP2 on my Macbook using BootCamp, but I'm having trouble setting up a wireless internet connection when in windows. I went to network connections, and there is no wireless network icon like there should be. Any ideas as to what I should do?


16-12-2007 23:43:16

im guessing you made the driver disk before installing xp?

what brand of router are you using?

what security are you using (wpa, wep)?


17-12-2007 05:56:18

I am using an Actiontec router with Qwest. It's set up with WEP


17-12-2007 08:34:22

have you tried turning the wep off just to see if you can connect?