Xbox 360 DVD or HD Install

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15-12-2007 10:19:48

I have a 360 but the CD ROM is no longer reading the CD's. If I have xbox fixed Microsoft would charge $100 and 4 weeks of waiting. Has anyone ever replaced the Rom their selves? Is it worth replacing myself or having Microsoft do it? I know if I open the box it voids any extended warranty they came out with, but I'm not sure what to do. I'm also looking into installing the HD DVD player instead. Any feedback would be great!


16-12-2007 03:10:18

You can't put the HD DVD player inside the box, it has to be in its original case and plugged in via USB. (I'm not sure if you know this or not, but you can use the Xbox HD DVD player on your Windows PC (works with XP using a driver). I believe there is a tutorial that shows you how to internalize the player so it will fit in any standard 3.5" drive bay.

As for swapping drives, you can find some info on Xbox-Scene. (I only know how to switch out the drives for Xbox 1).


16-12-2007 05:34:07

Thanks H3X, It would be sweet if they had a HD player drive I could put inside. Why don't they do that like the PS3 has? That external drive is annoying.


16-12-2007 07:06:21

It's not hard to swap the drive, but it'll cost you $50-60 to get a used drive on ebay anyway so you should just have MS fix it. You'll keep the warranty this way on something that is very prone to failure.


16-12-2007 19:37:44

just tell them you are getting the red rings of death and they will fix it for free.