Anyway to stream SD TV over ethernet?

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12-12-2007 11:39:53

I have my tv set up w/ dish receiver in a not so great spot to extend. I would like to get the video into another room in my apartment without running cables. Does anyone know of a piece or hardware, that will take my composite (or analog coax) signal and put it on ethernet, so that I could run it into my router and go Wi-Fi with it?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


18-12-2007 12:35:06

It sounds like some Balun devices would set you straight.


You can get them for all different types of connectors. HDMI, SVideo. Pick your poison.


18-12-2007 12:45:28

What were you going to playback the video on? Were you looking at IPTV (fugger's link) over wifi or just playing it back on a computer hooked up to a TV?

There are a lot of options out there if you wanted to play it back on a computer hooked up to a TV.


18-12-2007 19:00:46

I don't want to hook a computer to the tv. I just want to take the source that goes to the tv, and use my wifi to be able to watch it either on my pc monitor in the other room or on a tv in there somehow.


19-12-2007 05:46:39

Well, mine technically isn't IPTV. The devices aren't IP-able, they just push the signal over Ethernet. It's cheaper to run Cat5e/6 than it is to run component/HDMI cables through your house. Those devices are just simple media converters. They are used by professional AV installers a lot for new houses, auditoriums, things like that.

I do this at my house with a TV tuner card in my main computer upstairs that has my SD cable run directly to it. I can then use the software Orb (http// to watch and change the channels on the tuner card from any laptop/wireless device. It also works over the internet (think slingbox but free) so I can watch TV at work or on my phone. But as far as then getting that signal to another TV?

If.... you.... had Media Center installed on your main computer with the tuner card, you could get a Media Center extender (read xbox360) hooked up to the TV and watch live TV through the extender. I'd say you have to at least purchase some kind of tuner card to make this possible.


19-12-2007 09:18:29

Yeah, I know what you meant fugger. I just figured he'd have to use the IPTV stuff on the page you linked to since he wanted to use wifi and not run any cables.

So if you want to watch the content on a computer, it's fairly easy as fugger described (orb or slingbox). There are a lot of options out there to do this like I said. Just google "stream TV over lan" and you'll see a bunch of helpful info.

If you want to watch the content directly on a TV without a computer or console, you have to get a bunch of wifi iptv equipment and I doubt that will be very cheap.


19-12-2007 13:37:30

Yeah...I was looking for a stand a long unit that would work as I don't want to stick a media pc by my tv, but that might be what I'm looking at.